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Masters Swimming and Social Club

Orlando / Central Florida

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New Swimmers

*We love to see new swimmers and if you are a first time swimmer to Swim Out, just follow the steps below.


1) Join United States Masters Swimming (a national, membership-operated nonprofit organization). If you have never been a United States Masters Swimming member before, the coach will ask you to complete the FREE, USMS 30-Day Trial Membership Form prior to entering the pool. If you have been a member of USMS before, then you will have to renew your USMS membership.

Upon joining USMS, you'll be prompted to choose the LMSC (local masters swimming committee). Choose Florida. Then, you'll be presented with a list of swim clubs. Choose Swim Out as your official swim club. Unless you wish to remain unattached, it's suggested you enter this under the club section. You can renew USMS online instantly or print and fill out the USMS Renewal Form. If you choose to fill out a form directly on paper (not recommended), please bring this completed form with you (or a copy of your on-line receipt) and show it to the coach on deck.

When joining or renewing your USMS membership, choose "Florida" as the LMSC, and "Swim Out" as the club.

*Unsure if you're already a member need to check? Click HERE to search the USMS membership.

2) Complete the CLUB Registration process as a new member of Swim Out, which includes the Liability Waiver. You can complete it now and submit it online. If you have any questions on how to properly complete this form, please ask the coach on deck. Your club membership must be on record prior to swimming with the team. There is no cost to join as a new, trial member of Swim Out.

3) Check out our event calendar for the practice schedule. Pick a day to swim and REGISTER (RSVP) for it after completing steps 1 and 2. On the day of your visit make sure to double check our Event Calendar (located on our Home page) for any last minute changes to our swim schedule or location. Clicking on the specific event on the website allows you to pay the drop-in fee if you are a pay-per-swim member. ** If you are new to masters swimming and choose the one-time, USMS trial option, you can swim your very first workout with us for free!

Once you get to the facility, tell the front desk you are here to swim with Swim Out, and you will be directed to the pool. Introduce yourself to the coach or a swimmer and they'll welcome you and ensure you have the required participant forms completed before using the pool.

If you enjoyed your first swim and want to become a full-time member, just keep attending during your trial period!  Remember, you cannot become a regular member of Swim Out Orlando without an active and current USMS membership. So, if you're a trial USMS member, be sure to join USMS.


Visitors From Other Clubs or Teams

We love to have visitors from other swim teams!

1) Have your USMS card or proof of USMS membership with you and be prepared to show it to the coach on deck for validation.

** Note: visitors from outside of the U.S.A. can use the international visitor form, which is available HERE - USMS Foreign Visitor Form 

2) You will need to complete the club online registration which includes the Liability Waiver, which you can complete online now. Please also include on the form the name of your current swim team or swim club. This registration is required so that we have basic contact information, emergency contact information, and your acceptance of the liability waiver on record.

3) Check out our regular practice schedule. Pick a day to swim and just show up after completing steps 1 and 2. On the day of your visit make sure to double check for any last minute changes to our swim schedule or location. Then, click on the specific event you'll attend to register and pay the drop-in fee. Note that you can pay online in the event, or pay cash on the pool deck to the coach.

Once you get to the venue, depending on the facility, tell the front desk you are here to swim with Swim Out, and you will be directed to the pool. Most facilities require a one-time waiver signed by you for their own records. When you arrive, please introduce yourself to the coach who will help you find a good lane.

Again, you will pay the drop-in fee for any swim practices you attend. Do not pay fees of the facility--pay the fee through Swim Out website only. This is payable online or bring cash to the pool. Access this option when you register for a specific practice by choosing the 'Sign-up/Pay' button on the details of the specific event. See our Fees and Dues page if you would like to know the full membership options of our club.

We have an open door policy for swimmers from other teams. Please join us and make yourself at home while visiting Central Florida. Welcome!

If you enjoyed your swim, we want you to be a regular! And, since we want to grow as a club, any recommendations or testimonials would be appreciated! Swim Out is on Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, Google and Strava.

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